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Yellow Leaves


Magic Circles

2ft diameter - wool and acrylic

Working into circles

My inspiration to create these circles came first from my mother’s work on traditional  circular blankets, typically rather large, I wanted to know if it would be possible to work something smaller so I could take on more manageable projects.


Starting from pieces of yarn I had around the studio, I began constructing solid pieces of textile and sewing them into circles. Over time, I realized that by changing my knitting technique,  I could ‘knit’ an entire circle in one piece.  l also started incorporating stripes into the overall design.

Gentle Time

Each morning, my 101-year old mother will have coffee together, and sit in quiet company, enjoying the creation of another circle textile, continuing the process during afternoon Tea, coninuig a section every day. After two weeks, the piece is completed and I spend another 4 – 5 hours weaving in the ‘ends’ of the yarn to create the finished work. The total time to complete a magic circle ivaries between 7 to 15 hours.  
Sizes vary from 1 – 3 feet in diameter.

Seasonal Palette

Many have asked me about my choice of colours for these ‘rugs’. What better innovator is there but nature? With the seasons, my designs flow with what I see happening outdoors; in the fullness of spring, lively, bright colours – in summer, a beautiful verdant green;  in fall and winter, shades of falling leaves and the coolness of snow and sky become my inspiration. It is such a pleasure to compose each textile, marrying the beauty of colour with nature.

Whether as meditation rugs, for sitting or visual concentration, these textiles have many uses. They provide a focal point in any decor. Some enjoy them as cushion covers, while others frame them as wall hangings. Somehow, their simplicity, beauty and warmth appeal to all.


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